Knowledge, innovation and development to improve the competitiveness of your company

With our support, technology and innovation will become a key tool in the development of your business.
AVANTALIA leads and coordinates the Digital Innovation Hub of the Canary Islands.


Avantalia drives technological innovation as a key element in improving your business, consolidating a leadership position and internationalization.

Innovation Management

Avantalia has an important orientation towards R&D and actively participates in the execution of research and technical development projects.

Technological development

Avantalia has extensive experience in the development of ICT tools, linked to the improvement of business and product management that will help you in improving the competitiveness of your company.



Avantalia offers specialized R + D + i consulting services that affect the improvement of business competitiveness. Through the design of R&D strategies, the continuous management of innovation, the search for economic support and support in the management of international projects in cooperation, Avantalia helps you to develop your technological potential.


Avantalia has the ability to develop cutting-edge solutions based on the latest technologies that respond to current and future business needs. We develop tools as they serve to improve the competitive capacity of your company, providing effective solutions to your management requirements.


Avantalia relies on its knowledge of sectors such as tourism, leisure and culture, technological development and innovation to develop a wide catalog of its own products, among which we can highlight the personalized guides for the revitalization of cultural environments, business support tools tourism and interactive intelligent tourism solutions.


Virtual worlds

Avantalia, from the Metaverse1 project, has developed a virtual environment for the tourism sector, with the aim of offering the end user the possibility of visiting a tourist destination without having to travel, spend money or buy tickets, simply by using a virtual platform, enriched with real content of the destination.

 Custom virtual guide

Avantalia has an ideal solution to boost tourism and cultural environments through the use of new technologies. This tool, through the use of a Smartphone or Tablet, allows the customization of visits to a museum, so that users enjoy content tailored to their interests, optimizing time and enjoying visits to the fullest.

Cloud-based experiences

Avantalia has a cloud platform with its respective Smartphone application that allows tourists to design personalized excursions and routes around the cities, guided by GPS, and enriched with additional audio, video and augmented reality content. Local entities can interact with users through the app and get feedback that allows them to make improvements to their business.

Quality of service

Avantalia has developed a multi-device software for the integral management of satisfaction surveys. Through a powerful control panel that allows the client to configure their own surveys and send them to different user groups and with access to real-time results, total autonomy is achieved over the surveys sent and the results received.

Smart tourist environments

Avantalia has a free app that facilitates the discovery of tourist environments. It allows to manage in real time the information on urban transport in cities in a dynamic and interactive way, indicating the nearest stop, the expected waiting time or the points of interest that can be accessed on the planned route.



Avantalia promotes digital transformation and Industry 4.0 through the coordination of the Canary Islands IHL (CIDIHUB)


The mission of the IHL of the Canary Islands is to bring digital technologies closer to the regional industry, with special attention to SMEs, providing skills, resources, training and advice, so that industry and the business community obtain the maximum possible benefit.



The IHL of the Canary Islands will connect digital technology providers such as Cloud Computing, HPC (High Performance Computing) and the Internet of the Future with Canarian entrepreneurs and SMEs who use them, in order to strengthen their competitiveness and lead to the emergence of new business areas in the context of digitalization and Industry 4.0.


Avantalia has the support and collaboration of the different key actors in the innovation ecosystem of the Canary Islands, which will allow to generate the greatest possible impact from the activities that the Hub implements. From the beginning, the Town Hall of Tenerife, the Technological Institute of Renewable Energies, FEMETE, FEMEPA and the General Directorate of Economic Promotion of the Government of the Canary Islands play a prominent role in the Hub.

CIDIHUB is funded by the MEDI-FDCAN 2016-2025 Program

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